Core Investment Aims and Approach

  • Strive for long-term capital growth and current income
  • Achieve goals by investing in a mix of equities and fixed-income securities
  • Equities should be high-quality stocks that are attractively priced relative to their historical earnings, cash flow and valuation record
  • Fixed-income portion selected to generate current income

Deciding Factors - The Client Is An Individual

Whether the client is an single person or an institution, final selections are shaped by individual factors.

  • Risk tolerance
  • Tax considerations
  • Time horizon
  • Net worth
  • Estate issues
  • Income needs
  • Special preferences

Selecting A Stock

Realizing our Aims and Approach as a specific stock purchase calls for:

  • Careful research into historical factors, specific company history
  • Due regard for present economic trends
  • Disciplined approach to buying and selling