Susan Howson

In the financial world today, a high level of theoretical knowledge - and appropriate credentials - are critical. As a Portfolio Manager - one of the most responsible designations in the Canadian industry - I hold theory in high respect. I believe, though, that theory is animated and strengthened by my 30 years' experience. Theory gives structure and meaning to financial events, but theory has many voices - only experience tells you when to listen to one voice and when your clients will be better served if you listen to another.

I started work at Wood Gundy in 1976. In 1985 I was able to change companies and career path joining Mackie Research Capital as an investment advisor. While continuing to study, I increased the accounts under my administration to over $110 million. I also obtained my Insurance license.

Since 1996, I have been a fully qualified Portfolio Manager. As a Portfolio Manager I have discretionary responsibility for adjusting clients' holdings to stay on course toward their goals. Always a good option, the managed account has redoubled its worth in a time of volatile and occasionally unpredictable markets.

This background of experience underpins an investment philosophy that guides me through the market's many twists and turns. I look long-term, invest in quality securities that offer value, growth potential and income maximization, it's an approach that has served my clients well, in addition to allowing us all to sleep better at night. My ability to think long-term and strategically, with positive results, was recognized in 2011 with an appointment as Director of Mackie Research Capital.

Client service is very important to me. It is vital to be involved with your individual needs and goals. The issue is to develop the right mix of instruments for those goals, always remembering that we are not investing for today but for the future. An article in the Financial Post gives a snapshot of the way I develop a portfolio, then adapt the investment process to the client's individual circumstances - in this case, for a client whose household income varies annually according to the flow of the client's and her husband's respective self-employment income.

Experience has taught me the value of taking an active part in our community - I donate 3% of my commissions to charity, sit on the board of directors for St David's Towers (affordable housing for seniors and single-parent families) and am a member in The Rotary Club of Toronto. The Club annually directs thousands of dollars and thousands of hours of effort from business and professional people to local and international causes.

Since 1990, I have served on and chaired numerous committees, been a director and in 2007-2008, the President of the club. I have been awarded the Paul Harris/William Peace award, the Rotary Club's highest award. I continue to serve on various committees.

Rosemary Valencia

Rosemary manages our daily operations and is licensed as an Investment Representative. She is able to place trades for Fixed Income, Mutual Funds, and Equities and excels in client service. Rosemary obtained her Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology with a minor in Education Studies from the University of California, Los Angeles. She joined Mackie Research Capital in 2015. Please contact Rosemary for any questions or requests regarding account statements, transactions, and general information.

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